How it works

How to Get The Best ClearSmile Invisible Aligners

The best ClearSmile Invisible Aligners are ready for you here. In Clear Smile, we try to create a simple and easy route for you to start your journey with our invisible braces. There are three following steps, to begin with. Initially, you have to find a dentist who offers our aligner. Secondly, you can ask for a review and feedback from your dentist by taking photos and X-rays. Lastly, you can start your treatment based on the dentist's professional prescription and diagnosis X. Check the details of the following steps as shown below to begin your ClearSmile journey. Click here.


Find A Dentist who Offers ClearSmile Invisible Aligners

Go to your regular Dentist. If your regular Dentist does not offer ClearSmile Invisible Aligners then contact us and we’ll locate one of our panel clinics near you.


Ask For A Review

Your dentist will take photos and X-Rays to ascertain if your scenario can be treated by invisible teeth aligners before taking the impression or intra-oral scanner to capture your teeth' shape and submit the prescription to us.


Start Your Treatment with the Best Invisible Aligners

A series of invisible aligners are custom-made for your treatment. Each aligner will gradually move your teeth by wearing it for at least 20 hours in one day. This procedure will continue for a week. A regular check-up is recommended for three weeks once. Therefore, your dentists will know if your treatment is progressing well. Your compliance and cooperation with your dentists are the main factors in ensuring whether the treatment is successful.