1Why would I want to use ClearSmile Invisible Aligners to improve my smile?
If you prefer a faster treatment time which is also not affecting your current lifestyle. Faster treatment will also mean reducing the chance of dropping out.
2Can I skip certain aligners?
No. Each aligner supports the progress of the next aligner until the final desired result is achieved. Skipping one aligner may affect your teeth realignment and delay completion of treatment.
3What happens if I don't adhere to the recommended minimum number of hours?
Your treatment process will be delayed, stop progressing and may be extended.
4Misunderstood facts about aligners

Wearing the aligners casually ie without following the minimum number of hours and thinking that it will work. The less you wear, the less progress you will see. In addition, the treatment duration could be extended and additional aligners may be required.

The treatment process requires no visits to the Dentist for review. Reviews are important as your Dentist may need to adjust or modify your treatment if the aligners are not achieving the desired teeth position at each step.

5How much do ClearSmile Invisible Aligners cost?
Kindly contact us for more details.
6Do I have to pay everything up front?
Kindly check with your Dentist as many do offer instalment plans that meets your budget.
7What other things I might expect during the treatment?

Attachments/buttons may be placed on your teeth to provide better anchorage, grip and guide your teeth to the desired position.

For some difficult cases, button elastics (rubber bands) may be needed to add force to move your teeth.

8How often should I wear aligners?

ClearSmile Invisible Aligners uses 3-thickness (soft, medium & hard) method to move teeth. The whole treatment will split into steps.

Each step has 3 aligners in 3 different thicknesses, i.e. 1 soft, 1 medium and 1 hard.

You are required to wear each aligner for 1 week, 20 hours a day (140 hours a week). The number of steps required for your case depends on how complicated is your case.

9Will I need to visit the Dentist regularly?
One of the misconceptions promoted by some aligner providers is that patients can visit their Dentists less. Based on our experience, one of the most important factors for a successful and faster treatment is the regular clinical monitoring for patient’s compliance. Regular visits mean better treatment monitoring and faster completion of treatment.
10Does ClearSmile guarantee results?

Each individual’s result may vary due to age, teeth condition, etc. It is impossible to guarantee the result but most patients do experience significant improvement in their smiles.

The success of the treatment highly depends on your compliance on wearing aligners and your Dentist’s clinical monitoring on your progress.

11Will I need to wear a retainer after treatment?
It is recommended to wear retainers to avoid relapse for any orthodontic treatment including aligners.
12What do I have to do to get the desired result from my aligner treatment?

You will need to wear each aligner for a minimum of 20 hours per day (140 hours per week).

You need to pay regular visit to your Dentist at an interval of 3-4 weeks. This is important as Dentist may apply some techniques on the aligners or teeth to improve the fitting.

Most importantly never move to the next step until the current one is well fitted.