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Orthodontic Invisible Braces in Malaysia & Singapore

Forget about traditional wired braces and get your invisible teeth aligners now at ClearSmile. Our aligners can treat both front and back teeth as well as bite correction. At ClearSmile, we believe in providing satisfying service, and safe and quality products that are essential for you.

Added benefits with ClearSmile include convenient and easy oral hygiene care, treating dentists with full responsibility to prescribe, complete orthodontic treatment, faster treatment process, more comfortable when wearing our aligners and mid-range pricing. Subscribe to us for your healthy smile.

Testimonies of Orthodontic Invisible Braces

Watch testimonies of our clear aligner from users facing similar scenarios and concerns. Click here to get more details about our invisible braces that suit you.

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Before & After Using Invisible Braces in Malaysia and Singapore

Check the quality of our invisible aligners through the photos below. These photos visualize the comparison of teeth positions before and after using our aligners. Our aligners can help you to resolve your concerns about crowding, crossbite, spacing, deep bite, overbite and many others. Grab this opportunity to get your invisible braces.