Congratulations on choosing ClearSmile Aligner as a means to correct your dental malocclusion!

Successful treatment depends on the following:

  1. Patient co-operation to follow the key instructions & guidelines of this manual.
  2. Adequate chewing exercise.

First, the success of the treatment of malocclusion using ClearSmile Aligner system depends on the level of your cooperation. After three weeks, if the Aligner contacts closely to the teeth surface and the aligner appears transparent, there is no doubt that you have been actively engaged in the treatment procedure. Likewise, if the Aligner does not contact closely to the teeth surface after two to three weeks, the if means that the collaboration level is not up to satisfaction. The degree of Aligner’s transparency to the teeth surface is a direct measure of your level of co-operation.

Second, chewing exercise is critical in determining the success or failure of the treatment protocol initiated by your dentist; as the biting force would have generated enough amount of Orthodontic force to achieve effective teeth movement during treatment. If chewing exercise is practiced regularly and consistently, chewing marks and scratches can be observered on the Aligner.

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