1. Each thickness of aligner (soft, medium, or hard) are to be worn for 1 week each in the cycle of 3 weeks.
  2. Recommended minimum wearing time is 17 hours per day except meal & brushing
    1. Treatment will not be in progression if the aligners are not worn up to the minimum time.
    2. Possible relapsing if not consistently wearing for a period time, which will greatly affect the treatment response and lead time.
    3. Stay away from food that is hard and tough to chew; liquids that is non-water, hot and color to prevent warping and staining your aligners.
    4. Brush & floss your teeth after each meal or drinking any sugary or citrus type of beverages (to prevent decy) prior to re-inserting your aligners.
  3. At the 3 week- point your determine whether to move to the next set of aligners:
    1. Do not change aligners yet if the current aligners are still fitting tight (difficult to remove or place, or causing soreness while wearing), or if small clear edges appear between the aligners and thee teeth in any area. Wear for one more week. If any of the above still persists after wearing for 4 weeks, please consult your dentist.
    2. If you have increased the period of wearing for a set of aligners




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