Faster Review Time
Dentists just have to review a patient for 5-10 minutes every 3-4 weeks for the fitting of aligners. Hence reducing chair time.
Reducing Drop Out Cases
Patients are more motivated to complete the treatment with a faster treatment time, hence reducing drop-out cases (up to 30% faster than 1 thickness aligners system).
Current Orthodontic Trend
Aligners treatment is becoming a popular choice for aligning teeth. Providing this treatment enables Dentists to keep up with current trends and technologies.
Affordable Aligners
A more affordable option compared to other high-end aligners systems that produces the same result, thus enabling a wider range of people who can afford this treatment.
Stable Income Stream
Aligners treatment will become as important as braces, therefore aligners treatment will generate a stable income stream for Dentists now and in the future.
Founded By Doctors For Doctors
We understand what Dentists require, and continuously improve our product and services in order to achieve a win-win partnership.


What is the major difference between ClearSmile to other aligner systems?

ClearSmile aligners systems uses the 3 thickness protocol ie soft, medium & hard per step whereas most of the other providers use 1 thickness aligner (medium/hard).

What is the advantage of ClearSmile aligners system as compared to other aligners system?

Our 3 thickness aligners treatment method allows bigger movements of up to 0.50mm per step compared to other aligners system that only moves 0.20-0.25mm per step.

Will there be any fees imposed to be a ClearSmile aligner provider?

No, there will be no fees at all.

What should I know before offering this treatment to my patients?

Dentists should have some basic knowledge of orthodontic treatment and auxiliary techniques like stripping (IPR), attachment placement, dimple forming technique and button-elastics. We also encourage Dentists to participate in our seminars which will be held from time to time.

How can I apply to be one of ClearSmile's panel clinic?

Just fill up the Become A Provider form, and one of our Sales Representative will contact you.

What type of cases can ClearSmile receive?

ClearSmile covers a wide variety of cases ranging from simple, moderate, difficult and distalization cases.

What are the 3 key success factors for completing the treatment successfully?
  1. Ensure patients compliance in wearing the aligners for a minimum of 20 hours a day. Extend the wearing if required.
  2. Ensure patients regularly visit for a check-up or at least provide photos of progress if in-person monitoring is not possible.
  3. Ensure each step’s aligner is achieved before moving to next step. Intercept with auxiliary techniques if needed.


Are there seminars/workshops available to learn more about ClearSmile aligners treatment?

ClearSmile do conduct seminars/workshops from time to time to Dentists who wishes to learn and expand their knowledge on aligners treatment. Do check out our ClearSmile Asia Facebook page for more information.

How do I monitor and record my patient's progress?

ClearSmile provides our own aligner treatment monitoring system that enables Dentists to upload and record their monitoring photos to compare with the designed teeth movements. This system also enables Dentists to provide feedback, enquire, take own notes and discuss treatment methods with our consultants.

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